Program Philosophy and Goals


The Olmsted Falls Boys Basketball program’s philosophy is to create: an environment of learning that fosters a hard-working attitude, high character people, a “winning” mentality, a selfless commitment to a team, and a direct connection to future success. As educators and coaches, we have a great opportunity to teach young men about the lessons that will help them achieve success in the future. We use basketball as a guide to that success. In basketball and life, the truly successful individuals embody all of the traits listed above. If our players and coaches stand for these as well, we will not only be coaching championship teams, but also champions as individuals, which should be our number one goal. Our players will learn to commit to something, while at the same time sacrificing something. They will learn about doing what’s right instead of what they want. We want them to take the lessons that they learn on the basketball floor and apply them at school, at home, and at work, for the rest of their lives. In short, we want them to turn from young men into successful leaders.

Program Goals