Bulldogs News · 2019 – 2020 Student Class Meetings with Athletic Summary

On Tuesday, September 3rd, the Olmsted Falls High School class meetings were held in the high school auditorium.

Below is a summary that was covered with all students and particularly with those students who either attend or participate in extracurricular activities at Olmsted Falls High School:

Item #1:  Involvement 

An essential part of being a student at Olmsted Falls High School is being involved in Student Life.  Taking advantage of the many opportunities that exist either through athletics, clubs, or other activities.  The tangibles that exist by being a member can enhance the overall learning and educational component that students will take with them as they graduate.  Examples include meeting new friends, time management, team generated ideas/concepts, collaborating with peers and coaches/advisors, building self-esteem and confidence, being valued as a contributing member of OFHS Student Life.  Students were asked to consider being this valued team member and participate in the many opportunities that OFHS provides.

Athletic Opportunities


OFHS Coaches Directory


Item #2:  Eligibility (page 6 of the Student Handbook)

Eligibility for each grading period is determined by grades received in the preceding grading period.  Semester average and yearly average have no effect on eligibility.  For eligibility purposes, summer school grades may not be used to substitute for failing grades received in the final grading period of the regular school year or for lack of enough courses taken during the preceding grading period.

In order to be eligible on an OHSAA sponsored team, all student-athletes must be:

  • enrolled and passing a minimum of five one-credit (or the equivalent) each and every grading period to have continuing eligibility
  • minimum GPA of 1.0

See the below link from the OHSAA:


Student-Athletes are reminded to Always Know and Protect Your Eligibility 

Item #3:  Attendance at School Activities (page 6 of the Student Handbook)

A student may attend after school activities the day of an absence if the student has obtained prior permission from his/her administrator.  A student may not attend after school activities if he/she has been:

  • Suspended or expelled
  • Absent from school a full day on the day of an activity.  The student must report to school by 10:30 am and complete his/her school day.  The student must check-in at the Student Office in order to be properly admitted.
  • Specifically requested not to attend for disciplinary reasons.

Item #4:  Student Handbook and the Athletic Handbook 

Please be a responsible student and student – athlete on all of our teams and at all of our events.  Please note, any violation of the student handbook or athletic handbook (listed below) is an athletic violation where school and team consequences may follow.


Item #5:  2019 – 2020 End of Quarter Dates

The following dates have been determined by the OFCSD that will serve as the end of quarter dates for OFHS.  The athletic department has five days to determine the student-athletes eligibilities on the fifth day (after the below end of the quarter date, athletes will become eligible or will be deemed ineligible):

November 1st, 2019

January 17th, 2020

March 20th, 2020

June 9th, 2020


We are extremely proud of Bulldog Athletics and our Bulldog Activities.  We want our students and student-athletes to be excited about wearing and displaying the Blue & Gold.  We also appreciate the time that our athletes, coaches, and families have placed into their sport (s) and activities and we will continue to provide the best support system that we can to actively promote our Bulldog Programming.  We simply ask that our students and families provide the same respect to our opponents and officials and continue to demonstrate quality sportsmanship at all times.  We are excited for the 2019 – 2020 school year and we look forward to the many opportunities and success stories that will take place on and off of our playing surfaces this year.

Have a Great Year and Go Bulldogs!